Microsoft Industry Experiences Podcast

Microsoft Industry Experiences Podcast

In this series, you will hear from leaders across various industries, discussing the impact of digital disruption and innovation, sharing how they have used Microsoft Azure to transform their business.

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    Preventing financial fraud with behavioral biometrics

    Behavioral biometrics is an emerging topic in security. Users are profiled in how they use applications and the patterns of usage they establish, establishing something like a behavioral fingerprint.

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    Changing Everything for Retailers

    In this episode, Waleed Ayoub, Rubikloud's Chief Technical Officer takes us through their thinking on the addition of AI to retail, along with other insights into up and coming technology in retail.

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    Running an eCommerce system in Azure (and more)

    In this episode, we speak with Kelly Goetsch, who is Chief Product Officer at commercetools. We touch on current and emerging trends in retail and hear how data-informed decisions can change a company culture.

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